Egao O Sakasete [English], by Akino Sora

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

I didn't understand the story, but I sure enjoyed the pr0n.

And now, I must confess I’m not sure I understood the story. I *think*, without being sure I got it right, that this is about a girl torn between her boyfriend, that she loves, and the young man to whom she must marry because of the corporate ties bonding the companies of their parents. She is in innocent love with the boyfriend, but is already having steamy hot sex with the future husband, hating herself for being addicted even before marriage to his cock.
… was that it ?

The art was seriously hot. Her large breasts, her attempts to stifle her moans and deny herself an orgasm, rha :twisted:
Please, would you know who is behind this nice release ? :)

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9 years ago

When a vanilla artist like Akino Sora makes netorare stories I don't know what to think but at least is not the usual netorare where the girl is only a toy of a scumbag. Yes, the main character is deeply in love with the boy but has to sacrifice herself with a rich scumbag to save her father's company. Anyway I can understand her wish to stay with her pure love but at the same time I can't help but to think that she is selfish in this story because she wants to keep that relationship despite cheating the good guy and he does not deserve this. It wold be better is she decided to face this story heroically like When Flowers Wither, Trees Bear Fruit by Ookami Ryosuke. Anyway art is good so thanks to you for sharing it and to the guys that translated it

9 years ago

Does the whole arranged marriage to save the families company really still happen in Japan? What about the whole saving the reputation of the families name? I'm just wondering because you see it used a lot in hentai manga's and anime's. It seems to be used a lot in the ones that involve blackmail, rape, mind break and NTR. I thought a lot of the old traditional ways have pretty much been thrown out in Japan especially if you watch their politics or the way they run their companies. She needs to make up her mind about who she wants. The boyfriend who she's in love with or the guy she doesn't want but her family is making her be with. But any way the art work was wonderful and the boobs she has are great:p

9 years ago

In has NTR tag, but i don't see this.

Oliver AKA The Admin
9 years ago
Reply to  MRC

Netorare implies *more* than just cheating. Destroying intentions. Evil intent. Crushed purity.

It also stems from the fact that when netorare is implied, most people turn into a bunch of gutless pussies who’ll cry wolf (or netorare) on every given opportunity.

9 years ago

Netorare technically only implies that the reader is meant to relate with the character whose lover is being stolen, and that the story is told so that the reader feels jealousy and resentment on the part of that character (or possibly vindictive power over them, if you're an NTR lover).

This is probably not netorare, at least in the technical sense, insofar as the boyfriend isn't really the protagonist or someone we're meant to empathize strongly with. That said, having the girl as the protagonist in what would otherwise be an NTR story is kind of a subgenre unto itself – I dunno what "being stolen from one's lover" would be called, but this is that.

In a less technical sense, the story's power dynamics are NTR power dynamics. Whether it's netorare or netori or some third related subgenre is kind of academic if you dislike those kinds of stories altogether. If you took the exact same narrative, and changed the way it was told, it could shift freely between any of those things.

6 years ago

Damn, like a hot gooey cake.