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Heroine’s Shortcut To Success [English], by Benantoka

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If you're a man, don't tell me that picture didn't give you doggystyle fantasies :D

The heroine, in this one, is borderline yandere. She had already pictured in her mind what her future life with her male childhood friend would be, her mind is full of scenarii for their first times and the beginning of their romance, in other words she’s greatly lost contact with the real word, and is delusioning herself hard :D
Fortunately, everything is presented as a comedy and not as a drama: how her monologues stray away from common sense, the weird faces she makes, how she magically attached her male target without him noticing, and how she went ahead and had sex with him. Even new boyfriend-kun took it well, first bewilderment, then enjoying, and lastly easily detaching himself and lending two hands to make the sex even more fulfilling ^^

So, even if that sure is a weird story, I think I can recommend it to everyone, it’s worth a shot at least ;)
Thanks a lot, for this nice release, to Fellstar, Grayson, Ark and RedXE, from LewdWaniBootleggers! =)

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