Kannou No Christmas Eve 1st Anniversary (“A Sensual Christmas Eve 1st Anniversary”) [English], by Sena Youtarou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Mesmerizing. Simply mesmerizing.

Here is the sequel to Kannou No Christmas Eve, once again our female tutor and shotaboy, they meet for the birthday of the night they become lovers, and have once again beautiful sex, with love and energy :woot:

If anything, the boy shrunk a bit one year later, and the censorship went from unnoticeable to abominable, so I cannot pretend I enjoyed the sequel as much as the original. Still, I reckon this remains good material :)
This share has been released by Crystallium, Yagamikisuke and Cadenza, from Team Koinaka, thank you for yet another quality share!

By Sena Youtarou, I also share Dosukebei Onei-chan (236 pictures), Hallow Hallow (HQ scan, 195 pictures), The Witch, The Succubus and the Cute Apprentice (235 pictures), Maruimo (220 pictures), Hiroshi Strange Love (212 pictures), Ane Wa Shota Wo Sukininaru chapters 1-6 + Bonus 1-2 (153 pictures), Natsu Jiru (142 pictures), Joker chapters 1-2, Kannou No Christmas Eve, its sequel Kannou No Christmas Eve First Anniversary (presently shared) and Afternoon Sex.

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8 years ago

a shame the censorship prevents this sequel from being as great as the original

8 years ago

It's a shame about the artwork in this one. I've always enjoyed most of Sena Youtarou's books, but it's too much in this case.