Ai Mask [English], by Souryuu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Blindfold sex: if you haven't experienced it yet, try it, at least once, it's really worth the discovery, I was shocked, myself O_o

In the hentai world, there’s no limit on how oblivious a girl can be. As soon as she’s wearing a blindfold, she’ll need more than a few pokes, a blowjob and the first thurst of penetration to be certain this is really with a rock-hard penis she’s dealing, instead of some gymastics training tool :D
Oh well, it works, we’ve had nice sex, with very little censorship, nice breasts, a blindfold, a leotard, and supple girl loving the discovery ^^

Thanks to Cgrascal for this release !
By Souryuu, I also share Shinki Jomi Drug Body and the special (as in “Mom says I’m special”) Pheromone Body (178 pictures).

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Kurzswaltz Messer
Kurzswaltz Messer
9 years ago

Yessss, leotards. :D

9 years ago

It's not that she's oblivious. It's that she wants it so bad, she'll jump at every excuse, no matter how bad it is.

Dream Shark
Dream Shark
8 years ago

Aweesome, I like this kin of sex too! :D