Shiny Fragment [English], by Pyon-Kti

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Dat idol ass O_o

A plain Japanese teen joins an idol production company because she feverishly adores their top idol. And to stay close to her, to be given the same jobs as her, she’ll satisfy the sexual desires of her old fart of a boss, as well as his friends’.
Yeah, that’s it. :facepalm:
At least, graphically, even with the whiteout censorship, it’s good stuff, the girl’s got a well-endowed body and doesn’t dislike what’s happening – sigh.

Credits are for Queeneuphy and Drozetta, thank you! :jap:
By the same artist (also known as Pyonkichi), I also share Cross Sister, Fukanzen Kazoku, Kanzen Kazoku (“Imperfect Family, Perfect Family”), Puni Kano, Crawling Darling, Versus, Dogful Days, Mitsu Ana Otoshi, Sakumachisou, Private Chat and the first half of Dhezeall.

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8 years ago

I can't see it!

Oliver AKA The Admin
8 years ago
Reply to  @jesusgbriel

See what ?

Dream Shark
Dream Shark
8 years ago

Great ass, indeed! ^^

7 years ago