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Imouto Nashi Ja Ikirarenai (“I Can’t Live Without My Sister”) [English], by Ryo

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That sly evil she-devil. I couldn't bring myself to hate her :D
Don’t look at her twisted ankle in the upper-left. Don’t… damnit, you just did, didn’t you?

I was… utterly speechless, for a moment. I think the idea is to be shocked at how a pervy brother is totally bested by his hypersexual sister who manages to netorare him hard without letting him touch her at all.
Me, although I can’t really explain why, I was, on the contrary of being shocked, shaking with suppressed hysterial laughter, that sister was an evil genious deserving lots of praise, lol ^^;;

I can’t explain more that that, it would kill the interest of the story. Try reading it! ^_^
And my thanks go to the kind persons behind this release: Maipantsu, DerEx, DarkMac and BoggyB! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share How To Eat Delicious Meat chapter 8.

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Billy Mays
Billy Mays

This is fucking disgusting.


Exactly! That's what makes it so *hot*. :D


I don't think this is hardly as bad as some other NTR stories mainly because both the brother and sister liked it this way so no one's feelings got hurt (as opposed to mindbreaking the girl or the guy sobbing cuz his gf is raped in front of him or something).

It also was told more in a way that made me go WTF and laugh instead of get disgusted but that might be just me.

Billy Mays
Billy Mays

Whilst it is mediocre compared to other NTR stories. I don't agree with the "happy sex" tag.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Standing firm on this point ;)

I view this as the opposite of forced sex. To elaborate, this is consensual, deliberately chosen, and fulfilling sex.

Mike F
Mike F

I liked this manga since I first read it like a week ago. I like NTR in general, and these kind also hit the spot well. It's pretty hot if you're into pervy genres like it.
And who knows, maybe onii-chan wil grow bored and take the sister for himself if he wanted to later on? >;)