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Hanabi Yori Dango [English], by Narusawa Kei

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Hanabiiiiiiii!! ^_^

She treats him like a gopher and verbally abuses him. She must be in love, and is going to seize the first romantic (alone at home during a summer festival, with the fireworks going strong outside) opportunity to have loving sex with him, right ? Right! ^^;;
So, here we are, with a new Narusawa Kei release, thank you NecroManCr ! ^_^

This time, the drawing style felt a bit weird, maybe about the proportions of the hips, or how both male and female were “pettanko’ed”. An early work, or an attempt at a different style from the mangaka ? One thing remains, though, the fugly blur-mosaics censorship from hell, will we ever manage to get used to it ? :D

— Update: I’ll quote Hinoron, from the comments : « I haven’t seen an episode in years, (and it was never my genre) but are we sure this isn’t a dojinshi for “Boys Over Flowers” (Hana Yori Dango). The name is way too similar to be coincidence. », and « This title would be “Boys over fireworks”, FYI. »

By Narusawa Kei, to this day, I also share Anemone Star Mine 1-4, Ero-Koi in its Uncensored version, The March Rabbits Of An After-School Club 1-2, its sequel although it’s called differently: Houkago No Sangatsu Usagi-tachi chapter 3, Tsuyo Kano, Changing Miracle, Sis Lover, Head Shot Bakery, Kumagiri-san Wa Dere Nai chapter 1 and, in its uncensored version, Kare Kano Boshuu Chuu (“Relationships Wanted”).

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I *really* liked this one. I guess I am a sucker for tsundere girls. :) Oh, and this is NOT an early work from Narusawa Kei, this was published in January of this year.

Thanks a lot to NecroManCr for all their hard work and thanks Oliver for sharing.

Oliver AKA The Admin

In january 2015 ?

But… but… the art looked less polished, the bodies followed a very different set of rules regarding proportions and volumes…

Oh well, an artist may experiment in new directions, then O_o


I haven't seen an episode in years, (and it was never my genre) but are we sure this isn't a dojinshi for "Boys Over Flowers" (Hana Yori Dango). The name is way too similar to be coincidence.


This title would be "Boys over fireworks", FYI.

Oliver AKA The Admin

This is too much to be just a coincidence, at this point, indeed!

I cannot tell if this is just a wink-wink-nudge-nudge to the readers, or an actual hentai parody, so I'll simply quote you, Hinoron, in the description of the post :)


12 rounds!!! Man to be young again:p