One Time Gal Zenpen [English], by Shinozuka Yuuji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

MILFs =) How could I not love them =)

A hot MILF, with a teen age girl who reached the age she wears sexy clothes, decides to have some fun and put on a blonde wig with her girl’s kinda slutty clothes, and go do her shopping in that outfit. I should say she made an easy prey for the three young studs who offered her to take a karaoke break, but maybe “prey” is not the right term: she was invited but not pushed, and I’ve got this gut feeling hard lively sex is what she was secretly hoping for.

There you are, with a happy foursome, featuring oral, paizuri, and vaginal sex. The drawings are censored as fuck (you know, the “lovely” blur-mosaics type), I’m viewing it as made up for by the MILF-awesomeness of the heroine’s sexy body. She’s plump, meaty, busty, with a nice butt (oh god, in the beginning, when we see her in jeans from behind! MY EYES!! – and yet it was just a panel :shock: ), totally sexy, and her face reminded me of Amatarou‘s drawing style :twisted:

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9 years ago

This is the first of two parts. The net part has the daughter in it as well.


9 years ago

Goddamn, Oliver. This is damn hot stuff. Got me rock hard as steel lol.

Also, after some research apparently Shinozuka Yuuji & Shinozuka Hiroshi here is the same author:

Oliver AKA The Admin
9 years ago
Reply to  Bond-Travolta

hmm, are you sure this really is the same artist ? While there are similarities, I couldn't just feel entirely sure while comparing the art…

I can take your word, Bond/Travolta, that you gave it enough time to be sure, if you give me a confirmation :)

9 years ago

I thought this had part 2 in it, guess ill wait for the translation. It is really good :)

Dream Shark
Dream Shark
8 years ago

Killer blonde ass and boobs, thanks Oliver! :D

6 years ago

Mmmm, meaty.