Kissa Terrine No Ichi Nichi [English, Uncensored version!] + a full-color Epilogue, by Teri Terio

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

Before she got naked, I didn't realize she had such a great rack. A nice surprise :3

Wehasband and Hihohahi bring us a nice hentai piece, by a great artist, Teri Terio, thank you guys! :jap:

What’s in there, you may ask ? A misunderstanding that can only end well in hentai. A young man mistakenly believes the kind, cute and adorable girl that he loves is having sex with their boss (they work at a café). For this reason, he makes a bold move on her to mark her as his girl. Silly boy, she was a virgin and was waiting for him to do a sweet move, not to jump on her without asking her for her blessing. Real world : she would have FalconPunched him in the nuts as being a crazy douchebag. Hentai world : she’s glad he forced himself on her, and with an adorable smile she makes them a couple of proud lovers.
Hey, why not, if it works :D
After this came an 8 pages long full-color epilogue, all happy sex once again in the changing room.

The art is really good, as expected from Teri Terio, although the initial bad taste (from forcing oneself on a girl) made this one less awesome than most Teri Terio mangas :roll:

For MORE, please Cf The list of ALL Teri Terio’s works on Hentairules!

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9 years ago

Be grateful she actually likes you, protag-kun – otherwise, another time and place, "Off with His Head".
….. if you know what I mean. ;)