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Senpai, Oppai, I’m Loving Her Hip [English], by Koppe

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Is it true, that nowadays, bloomer are over, nobody's wearing them anymore in Japan ?

« Hang on. You… You were grabbing my ass.
I liked it.
:D :woot:

This is a nice share we’ve got her, in which the male hero is the small type (not shota, just, well, short, not manly), he admires his track and field club female senpai, a nice babe, with a large rack, tanlines, bloomers, and very well-shaped body. Senpai noticed him: she asks him to massage her.
I won’t even pretend there was suspense here, they were mutually in unconfessed love, and the girl made the first step, she was the one with control and authority :)

So, good happy sex with love confessions, and as for the art, YUM! The girl’s body was nice, as you can see :twisted:
Translations credits are for Ecchihabara, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Kawakami No Maedewa Sessei Dekinai Setsu, Nanige Ni Kuribayashi Wa Kamisoukou, and Shishi Ane.

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

Minor update: in the Zip links, the artist’s name appears as Koppa. Actually, it is Koppe, I count on you to make the correction yourselves, thank you ;)

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This was released on ehentai/exhentai by a new translator named Ecchihabara. It is their very first release.

Also, the translator made a slight mistake with the artist's name. This is by Koppe, but Ecchihabara spelled it Koppa on the first page.

Thanks Oliver for sharing.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks for the explanations, Zathael, I'll quickly update the post accordingly :)


Thanks for sharing my translation! There were a few typos, but I'll be sure to go over everything better on my next one. Sorry for any inconvenience. Hope everyone enjoyed!

Oliver AKA The Admin

All mirrors combined, as far as I can see, the zip was downloaded over 800 times. I would call it a great success, looks like many people enjoyed it already, and it's the kind of read that leaves us feeling better for a loooooong time after we've finished :)

Thank you personally, since you're here, Ecchihabara :)


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