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Natsudere (“Summer Love”) [English], by Maban

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Let’s take two childhood friends living in the country. The boy only cares about staying at home and reading books, while the girl is the extroverted outgoing one fond of outdoor activities and work. In many ways, she’s more manly than him. Of course, they’re always bickering, and of course, they’ll eventually become lovers, at which point the girl will at last show femininity and the boy virility… Nothing surprising here, what mattered was how this would happen, and I daresay it went well, that was quite cute :)

Graphically, expect tanned skin, long dark hair, big breasts, pubic hair (realistic, not an ugly or wild bush) and cute blushing. Good stuff! ^^
Credits are for Salar/ (for the scans) and Crystalium, Yagamikisuke, Kurosenai and Palaxius, from Team Koinaka (for the English version), thank you! :jap:

By Maban, i also share Natsuiro Tsubame (another really fine “summer love” story!) and Boku Dake No Kowamote Aneki.

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Yo, Depositfiles has put on a f***ed up verify system… No matter how many times i try it sends me back to start again…


Must be region specific. I click the download thing, there is a 60 second timer, then an ad appears with a big "Reveal" in the middle. I click that, a little advertisement plays (or sometimes it just shows a picture), then it will plain as day show a password like "Flannel Shirt", "Hobby Horse", or some other two word phrase. Type that in the box, hit enter, click the Download button, and it starts. A fairly long process, but it works every time. No weird captchas with random letters/numbers in funky colors or any of that crap.


A few days ago, it did that for me: give captchas that were completely illegible. but that was only for a day, and since it's back to more normal things


WOW!!! Tan lines, big boobs and hot tight pussy!!! What more could a guy want?


Is that you adult Edward Elric? :D


Oh my god, that page 8, the morning after. With her hair down she looks incredible.