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Shojo Bitch [English], by Natsuhati

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Cute, arousing. Now, let's make it last 200 pages, next time, okay ? :D

A female childhood friend becomes a gyaru after entering highschool: she’s got the daredevil attitude, the provocative revealing appearance, and the display of a liking to sex. I don’t think anybody will be surprised to learn this is a facade she chose to become at last the lover of her older male childhood friend, with touching and arousing success ;)

The scenario is 3000% cliché, sure, but it’s cute and touching. As for the art, the best smiley to illustrate how it made me feel would be: :twisted:
This is – almost unsurprisingly! – a NecroManCr release, thank you! :jap:

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(33 MB, 24 pictures, English)

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NecroManCr does it again ….. AND IT IS GLORIOUS!!!!! xD


Dick looks like candy cane with that censorship.


You mean delicious?

Oliver AKA The Admin

I hope so, for every other possibility is kinda spooky :D


WOW!!! Great boobs and a hot little body:p


Oliver teach me how to translate Japanese O-O
Distance made a new hentai volume it continues the laccross and it's actually good I just wish I had the skills…

Oliver AKA The Admin

Piece of cake :

– open your images in MSpaint
– draw a hand made line selection around the Japanese texts
– choose the comic sans MS font
– write in their stead something that most likely makes sense
– remember, it IS incest, and the boy is called Shinji

Oh wait, my mistake, that was the rewrite tutorial. My bad.


Man, Japanese people are into the whole pure virginity even more than the slut shamers of the west. Just because a girl isn't a virgin doesn't mean she should be treated as trash


For a brief moment I thought it was from abgrund…