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Who wants to share some stuff on Hentairules next month ?

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Hey, would you like to post some hentai on Hentairules ?
Like Delta-Oblivion is doing.

The thought came to me as I was preparing some shares in advance for the two weeks of July when I’ll be away on holidays, I can also take guest posts, that would be an occasion.
I’m thinking of my holidays in July… But… hmm… Yeah, on second thought, it doesn’t have to be just at that time.

If there are old or recent things that I wouldn’t share myself (not my comfort zone, or requesting knowledge I do not possess, or simply slipping under my radar, stuff never getting a priority spot in my limited available spare time, etc…), if you have a passion for a hentai niche that you would like to share (anything, ecchi mangas, CGs, artbooks, audios, videos, mangas or other stuff I wouldn’t think about – but please no guro, no bestiality, no snuff, and no “more than small fraction of the content” loli), just once or on a repeated basis, why not :)

I can provide you an account to upload images to my galleries system, and you can choose your zip hosts. You’d have freedom to write the posts and descriptions, the requirements are “only” a clear enough description (have fun! ^^ But don’t make people regret their download, the description’s got to help us know what’s coming, in a way the descriptions must reduce the number of people who’ll hit the download link, if you see the idea ?), some preview images, and a few working zip links.

Hit me up with an email message to my addy, oliver [ @ ] , if that would interest you :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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what about wani's stuffs?
consider this place'll be a mess when you get back.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I should have mentioned, the posts must go through pre-approval. The guest editor writes it and can edit it however many times he or she likes, however the final action, hitting the Publish button (right "now", or on a scheduled later date posterior to the pressing of the Publish button) remains the privilege of the blog owner.


I see you learned well from my tale of "The kingdom of Hentai From Hell and the evil usurpers" about giving away power to those who dont deserve it. Well done.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, that much is common carefulness for me. The keys to a server or to a blog are not shared, at best you grant access ;)

I've been hacked many times in the past, in many manners, I learned about security the hard way. Nowadays, except on the very rare occasion, I'm kinda good on this. Even for the family members and friends to whom I provide hosting, their websites are entirely separate from each other, with no means of communication, and I'll rollback their whole user accounts and spaces rather than fix their shit because they forgot to update things forever ^^

If people wonder, here is the pleasant tale you wrote in the past. I don't even know on what post it was posted, I went for the fastest way and grabbed it after a quick search in my database ^^

« Keep in mind that this was years ago, so my details may be spotty or just flat out wrong just on the basis of it being second hand knowledge.

One day, long ago, Caska (the guy who used to run the original Hentai from Hell website), after having build a vast empire, decided that ruling his kingdom was to great a job for one man. So he instilled powers of great importance on other men of lesser quality.

One day, one of Caska's grand vizeers decided that he was tired of the stability that this empire enjoyed and wanted to watch the citizens panic in fear. So he went to the kingdons vast treasure trove of hentai knowledge and stole it, hiding it away so that none would see it. And in its place he left a message saying that it was the end and that god was going to punish those who had come to see the hentai goodness.

When the great Hentai Emperor Caska found out about this travesty he confronted the foolish underling, demanding that he give the hentai greatness back to the people that it belonged to. But the underling had done a foolish thing ideed, for in his atempt to hide the hentai goodness, he had destroyed it by accident, making the kindgoms great treasure lost forever!

And Lo! The great Emperors Caska's rage was vast and terrible, for all he had wanted was to share hsi vast hentai nowldge with the people, and so he returned to his kingdom and spoke to the people, saying that he would begin anew and rebuild for them, so that they could once again have thier hentai fix.

But, alas, it was not meant to be, for as Caska begain to rebuilt his empire, someone attacked his kingdom again and left only in its place a video of such vileness that I cannot share it with you (I cant find it since youtube took it down). And so Caska, after having his kingdom twice destroyed, gave up and left his kingdom, never to return.

And so Eleanor, one of Caska's loyal generals decided to rebuild this great empire in the olds image, creating a shadow of Caska's great kingdom.

So there you go, the story of how became And if any of this is wrong, your more than welcome to post otherwise, SO LONG AS ITS ACTUALLY TRUE. »


I find the "video of such vileness" I was talking about. Apparently my google-fu was weak that day. So here you go, enjoy, I guess? If you enjoys smashing your hand in a drawer for an hour this should be a cathartic feeling for you.

Astute commenters will notice that I linked to the 10hr repeat version of this video. This is because I want you to suffer like those who had to suffer the original HentaiFromHell hacking.


Cool, thanks for sharing that Oliver. I thought about searching for it and sharing it myself so everybody wouldnt be lost as to what I was talking about, but I thought it smacked of vain hubris for me to link to my own posts on your site. Kind of a "loook at what I wrote, arent I witty and humourus and funny, so LOOK AT ME!!!" kind of thing.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Dude, don't be ashamed when your contribution, even in a very specialized and localized manner, is making the internet a better space :)

Lessons were and still are to be learnt (learned ? My grammar lessons from the past tell me it ought to be "learnt", but my instinct is yelling to me that I should be writing "learned" ?!?) from your tale. You're not attention whoring, you're providing positive externalities, there :D


I apreciate that Oliver, so think of any contributions I put to the site whether humorus or serious as well needed payment for the insurmountable debt I owe for all the awesome hentai you've shared with us over the last decade (I think its probably close to ten years, the first post on the site was in 2007, but you had the blogspot site before that, and I started here, so I have no idea exactly how long youve been doing this).

Also learn't and learned are interchangeable, so youre good. I had to look it up on to make sure, cause my mind kept telling me tha learnt wasnt a word, so I just wanted to make 100% sure before I cast this to the internet ether. Good thing I did.


I’m very wary of guest contributors. For whatever it’s worth, I’d rather see only your quality shares, excellent descriptions and consistent directory naming system even if it means a slower pace of shares. Quality over quantity is what makes Hentairules so great. I could easily get quantity elsewhere, but I don’t bother.

Also, thanks for the amusing explanation of the terrible events that happened to HfH. I had wondered.


Why no beastiality? Animals need love too