Itadakimasu [English], by Uekan

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

I'd tap that.

An adorable mischievous smile, wavy semi-long dark hair, a honest and luscious nature, a secretly caring and loveable personality: please allow me to present the heroine of this share, a girl that would deserve a whole tank just for herself and her boyfriend :twisted:
The story is quite simple, but there’s a little thing that made me melt, I won’t spoil you what it is though :3

As for the art, I have mixed feelings. The girl has a great face, nice boobs, the action (oral, vaginal) is enthusiastic… but on the other hand the blur-mosaics censorship was murder, and I – frankly – am still traumatized by the screw-up with her hips on page 10 (if you ever read me talking about wrecked sea lions on Hentairules, that’s one of those cases).
Release credits are for NecromanCr, thank you! :jap:

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9 years ago

I see what you mean about her hips on page 10. But other then the monster hips I thought it was a great story. Her boobs and facial expressions were great. That last page was wonderful:p

9 years ago
Reply to  JDH

She's supposed to be "plump" or "chubby" or "meaty," some extra weight without being fat, though it isn't consistently portrayed. Page 10 isn't that far off, from my perspective (and it might be an actual perspective fail). The top panel of page 17 is a bigger fail in my book.

Even so, a nice dose of D'AAWWWW.

9 years ago

And next time, she intends to "go all out". To today's protagonist: