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Omiai Daisakusen [English], by Sakula

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Don't ask. Don't try to analyze. Just feel. The feels.

The male hero of this share is 32 years old, and happily unmarried. His mother doesn’t approve and arranges him a surprise meeting interview with a cutie who’s now 16 and who liked him as a teen. What a sly fox, that mother. She really played her cards well, and we all know how this is going to end :D

Graphically, we have a nice teen girl, with thin hips, large enough breasts and, on top of all – in my eyes! – beautiful, expressive, slightly slanted eyes. There was blur-mosaics censorship, and yet the lips and clitoris area were represented quite well, it’s odd but much butter than most cases of equivalent-looking censorship.
As for the story, awww, vanilla and all! ^_^
Thanks a lot to NecroManCr, for yet another pleasant translation :)

By the same artist, I also share Daga Hazure.

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Those eyes! Those fresh breasts! UHHNGGNGYEH!!!

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Schuyler Thorpe
Schuyler Thorpe

Thank you, Oliver, hentai, and all the gods below and above for reminding me that forbidden love can and *will* happen in the world of fiction. (Now I just need a lawyer to plead my case when my fantasy/romance novel gets published and enters the regular domain.) :D


WOW!!! She's so cute and sexy. I would have had sex with her all night long and then married her in the morning:p


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Good Advice, Oliver-san. In this instance, mother can be forgiven for her "interference". :$


Only in japanese hentai is this arousing if you read this the paper where a old woman set up her 30+ son with a 16 year old you would be cringing at the thought


This was awesome. Many thanx Oliver. Great post.


Hey Oliver, Depositfile link is dead. Please fix. Thanks.