Namaiki Musume Ni Shidou (“Guiding a Saucy Girl”) [English], by Ojo

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

I wonder what men ejaculate in the hentai world, for girls to always realize they're ejaculated inside, and feel the heat of the liquid ^^;;

A bad highschool girl is caught shoplifting, and she brushes off as trivial the usual punishments for such cases, such as calling the family, school or police. Well, as we could all predict, she was forgetting the last option, a good fuck. That’s where the hentai magic operates, she disliked nothing of it, and I’m still hesitant as I write it, didn’t she even want it to happen from the very beginning ?

Anyway, that was fun (the totally sanctimonious flow of moral comments from the shop’s manager, huhu), there was good fucking, the girl had nice twintails and a large rack, I’d say that even with the inescapable blur-mosaics censorship it’s good stuff ^_^
Thanks to 5AM Translations for this one ! :)

–Update: good news, this share is now obsolete, as it’s now part of Hatsujou! Namaiki JK (“Horny! Cheeky Highschooler!”) :)

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8 years ago

Hmm, … up to Page 20, it was like:

Of course, by the time it was all over:

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga
8 years ago

Careful if the kleptomaniac you caught red-handed might also be a nymphomaniac.