Let Me Bark For You ~After, by Ishigaki Takashi, is available :)

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Just 7 pictures to add. Took me SUPER long to make the post ^^

OK, so here is a quick update, about “Let me Bark For You ~ After”, a bonus story for “Let Me Bark For You” and its sequel, “Let Me Bark For You Reverse”.
Axalon was kind enough to email me about it, and he also clarified a mistake of mine with the location of a credit picture (that I placed at the end of chapter 3, instead of being at the end of chapter 2). His explanations also led me to make and add a new credits picture for the third (and final) chapter in the “Let Me Bark For You” original story.
Thank you, Axalon! :jap:

Long story short, I had completely skipped the ~ After bonus story, so I have updated my previous Let Me Bark For You post with it.
You can get it HERE, Enjoy! ^_^

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