Moratte Kudasai! Azumi Sensei! (“Please Take It! Azumi-Sensei!”) [English], by Bonten

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments


Drozetta, Brolen and Dynellen bring us an enthusiastic merry piece of hentai, thank you ^^
The story: a certain all-boys highschool has a secretive legend of 100% guaranteed devirginization of the students, although nobody wants to explain how this magic happens. Two of the students are about to learn how the trick is done :D

There is comedy, exaggerated faces all along, and happy carefree unrealistic sex, a joyous threesome :lol: The “anus monologue” part was… oh boy, hilarious.
To be frank, the quality of the art was a bit left behind (not that Bonten is bad at drawing, it’s just that with comedy as the first priority, that required to sacrifice notions like perspective or realism), but the comedy of it all made it a nice read, totally worth one’s time, in my opinion =)

By the same artist, I also share a pack of 2 works (Anzu Destruction + Hissatsu Ane Gokou), NTR-EX Kare Ni Wa Ienai Mesu Ochi Life, Three-point reversal, Hinako-Senpai One O One and BBS – Big Boobs Sisters.

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Phew… I'm exhausted… I lol`d five times!


The uploaded link contains – Bonten, Three Point Reversal, which is not bad, but not the actual share I assume.


PRAISE THE SUN!!!…….uuppsss wrong butt…praise this butt anyway….


the depositfiles link doesn't work, says it was removed


Here’s the Uploaded link, for some reason there’s a link going to Bonten’s Three Point Reversal.