Mirarechatta [English], by Tange Suzuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

I would be tempted to say, Get your shit together, Japan!, but actually, to each his own, it's one of the great things about hentai, whatever your fetish, even ponies, there are mangakas proudly catering to it ^^

“That bully is forcing me to give him my mother’s panties, and now he’s spying on her in the bathroom. Let’s fuck my mom to break his fragile primitive kokoro”.
Seriously, dafuq, japan, dafuq ?!?

I’ll delicately avoid any more comments on this story line, and only mention the art, good with MILF body, with practically zero censorship, and in which the woman has really beautiful hair when she lets it loose :)
No idea who released it, thanks to whoever is concerned ^^;;

By Tange Suzuki, I also share Mama No Koumon (“Mommy’s Anus”, do you feel the poetry ?), Reunion, Anal Sensei and the (too long) Mama Felt Orgasm ! I Ejaculate ! (150 pictures and uncensored).

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8 years ago

WOW!!! Her son must have been really good if she couldn't see the guy standing outside the window right in front of her:p

8 years ago

IMHO, only real satisfaction was the bully getting so (a-hem) "distracted" that he (supposedly) got caught by the police. And once again we see "ero-power" enabling Satoshi to lift his mother up like he did.

Otherwise,….. what is the level of WTF applicable to this story?
Answer: http://www.troll.me/images/over-9000/its-over-900

8 years ago

I take this one,looks awesome

General Hentai
General Hentai
8 years ago

This is indeed "dafug, Japan". Except the synopsis is misleading, as it's even more WTF than originally thought, & also much funnier and lighter than I thought. Here's a bit more accurate version: Bully demands lunch money from Son, but they're interrupted by Son's mom, MILF. Bully changes mind: He wants MILF's panties. Son goes to steal MILF's panties from washer in changing area, but get's caught by naked MILF, who's not angry, but thinks he's going to fap with them & is "Happy that you look at me that kind of way." @@ MILF then drags Son into bath to bath with him, cleaning his joystick, until it gets hard, then decides to boob him off "As a mother this is as much as I can do for you so go ahead & cum". Son then sees Bully peeping & fapping. At this point, Son decides to one-up Bully by nailing MILF, whose protests are seen in the pic above. But those protests vanish quickly "Just this once," & soon "Ahan…This feels good! Mommy is…cumming!" MILF cums, Son cums in her, Bully comes,then the cops come after Bully lol. MILF finally realizes Bully was peeping, Son is ready for another round, MILF is all "Well, just once more…" Bully gets handed panties @ school.

General Hentai
General Hentai
8 years ago
Reply to  General Hentai

And that is WAAAAAYYYY more WTF than I was expecting, but in a good though obviously still WTF bad-way-in-real-world way. The opening description with "Let's" had me read it as "Let us", making me think that Bully & Son were going rape MILF. Instead we have a cheerfully aggressive MILF who is the one who institutes sex play with Son. The result is happy sex for MILF. The bullied Son ends up superior to Bully (we never know if Bully got caught). Son mans up, Bully levels down, MILF gets happy sex. This much better than I thought.