Kaneshiro-san Wa Gaman Ga Dekinai (“Kaneshiro-san can’t take it anymore”) [English], by Sasaki Maru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Before that share, I would have never imagined I'd once save one of my preview pictures as "pile-of-flesh.jpg" ^^;;

Don’t search for common sense here. The male hero catches the highschool’s female Japanese-American exchange student masturbating with a dildo, and from their awkard conversion two conclusions follow : (a) the girl is dumber than an American creationist (I shit you not), and (b) she had no idea massaging her breasts is a source of pleasure. Disregarding her low IQ, the male hero bravely proceeds to helping her discover in what manners boobs are an erogenous zone.
And so, yeah, sex. Massaging, paizuri, vaginal.

The art was certainly excessive, the girl had unreal gigantic breasts, and – see, I’m frank! – the blur-mosaics censorship is strong. And yet, there is a certain charm in drawings like that, when you’ve given up on having a worthy story anyway, a sense of a “glorious WTF”… ^^
Maybe you’ll like it :)
Credits are for Desudesu and Ozma, who commissioned it, thank you! ^_^

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8 years ago

i think this boobs is a bit small,i am right? lol.

oliver,would you mind make a gigapack by Mizuryu Kei ? have to ask you :)

8 years ago

My feeling after reaching the end: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100529224

6 years ago

Another one for the “bazongas” category.