Extreme Private Teacher [English], by Saranaru Takami

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

In hentai Japan, parents see no problems with private teachers who'd put to shame a street whore. Ah, go figure :D

The title of that one reminded me of Special Martial Arts Extreme Hell Private High School, if you don’t know this manhwa, check it out, it’s becoming funnier with every new chapter =)
Ahem, sorry. Back to hentai.

A crazy hot private teacher, wearing an absurdly erotic jumper hardly hiding parts of her body, feels jealous that the male student she’s taking care of has another female teacher on his mind. She goes to great lenghts to catch the boy’s attention :3
First, she’s come into close contact, on the next occasion she’ll tease his dick, let him play with her ass crack, then paizuri… You see the idea ? She keeps his arousal high with progressively bolder sexual favours, until – at last! :D – sex happens. Even with the blur-mosaics censorship (I now understand why there was “dick wrapping” for a few pages), that felt quite good to read.

A warning, maybe ? As often in situations like this (when the woman older and voluptuous) sometimes the proportions become all fucked up, like in the middle of page 7, where the boy is dwarfed to show he pales in comparison to the presence of her glorious ass. I found that annoying.
And thanks to whoever is behind this release :)

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8 years ago

Meh … how the <bleep> did protag-kun see to solve the problem and write accurately in a notebook (pages 7 to 8) when his head was under Tutor-san's jumper and right smack in DAT ASS?

Possible answers (no specific order): (1) Vision outside the so-called solar spectrum (x-rays, infra-red, ultra-violet) (2) Secret ninja technique (3) hyper-sensitive fingers (think of Marvel Comics' "Daredevil"), (4) Other. o.0

8 years ago

Hey Oliver! A quick search of exhentai says that this was translated by DesuDesu and commissioned by Ozma.

8 years ago

Have to agree with you Oliver. The screwed up body proportions are distracting. Liked it other than that.

I wonder if the author thought about the fact that he drew the tutor in the same outfit for several days in a row.