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Jun-Ai Trickster (“Pure Love Trickster”) [English, 211 pictures], by Rocket Monkey

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I like that picture, it perfectly illustrates the strong eroticism on which a shadow is cast by the hopelessness of the lives of the protagonists

I knew I was going to be disappointed with this tank, so I’ll try to prevent you from nurturing sterile dreams : no chapter will redeem the volume from being a pit of crap. Beautiful plump female teens have a boyfriend with whom they won’t have sex, and a lot of fuck buddies, some of them being rotten scumbags. Eventually, the girl falls into depravity while the boyfriend discovers he was nothing.
Meh. Fucking MEH.
I mean, if you, you like it, cool, but as for me I’m deleting the manga from everywhere except my old shares storage.

Graphically, at least it was something. Intense, dark, stifling from a huge accumulation of erojoules, the bodies of the girls fitted the atmosphere, they were plump, heavy, not agile, even their faces, lost, proud of belonging to a worthless person without a future, went with the mood.

You may have seen some of the chapters of this manga in the past, in Magazine scans. Well, the whole manga is based on tank scans, and the old magazine scans chapters were reedited to tank scans. That ought to count.
Credits, for this share, are for SureOK1, AleArg (who reedited the various Magazine scans onto the tank scans! What a work it must have been, great job!) and LasXeno through E-hentai’s Bounty system. Even if I didn’t love the volume, thank you for your efforts! :jap:

For more, please see The list of Rocket Monkey’s works on HentaiRules

If you want to update your hentai collections, two of my past shares are now part of this manga:
– Last Sunday Zenpen, Chuuhen, Kouhen
– Marumi No Naisyo

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Smaller version incoming!
As of usual when ☑ the images are in high enough resolution and ☑ the archive is quite big for its number of pictures, and ☑ it offers a significant gain, and ☑ I have enough time to do it, if it may help, I’m offering you a smaller version, in which I resized the images, here from 3000 px to standard 1600 px resolution.
The zip shrunk from 326 MB to 100 MB.
Personally, I prefer it for reading, it takes less disk space, and it’s the version I used for the preview pics.
Download links, Zip : Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3

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Shouldn't have eaten at that sketchy chinese place.
Anyways, sadness here, better hope that someone can same this mangaka's soul.


Rocket Monkey just does NTR cause it's easy to make and sell well even if the NTR is terrible and doesn't cause any sort of impact or feeling on the reader. Many ero-mangakas are like this, they just spew NTR one-shots or two episode plots with a vanilla side and NTR side for money and views, for some weird reason it's a big fetish in Japan.

P.S i guess it's a big fetish in the west too, tons of people are translating them.


True that. It ain't the mangaka that's scum, its the people that want this kind of stuff. I agree.


They aren't scum, it's just a fetish. Everyone has different kinks, some people like lolicon/shotacon material, some like anal, some like necrophilia or scat or vanilla etc… Since the publisher is a business they publish what the consumer want to consume.


Haven't read this share and it's true that Rocket Monkey does't go for love or true love and specialize in the fulfillment of one's sex drive as if it was paroxysm of greatness in life and that's not NTR , that's adolescence .
Sure sure , most of the time someone get cheated on , but me , I can't go mad at either the poor little boy incapable of enjoying a gorgeous plump girl wanting , or the said girl who satisfy or desire and I tend to flat out ignore the douche because let's face it they are glorified dildo at this point .
Still I share your disappointment that it could be so much better without all that cheating nonsense


what the fuckkkk……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is not story
this is a stupidity lol…lol…lol…lol
sorry i’ll skip this


Damn man can someone tell me why netorare is popular? I get it with some okay versions but this and the majority are pretty annoying. i cant stand how they keep ruining the stories with these. Plus i hate that great artists like this one (Rocket monkey),shindol, Carn, Shikishiro Konomi and others only do this type of work when their art is so good. I want to see other stories with their art. Also it sucks even more when i see a lot of my favorite H Manga Artists with usually great stories converting to this genre too more than others; like Takeda Hiromitsu for example. "Sister Breeder" was his last pleasant story since the "Tsundero" tankoubon which is sad.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Really, I wonder.

I found valid although extremely grim explanations for most hentai fetishes.
– mindbreak: just like in SimCity, we have great fun making a great town, but the temptation to set that shit to fire and earthquakes and see if it survives grows stronger
– cum dump slave training: male losers, male herbivores who only know to play with their weewee and don't dare talk to women, who need a comic in which those bitches (yeah, how dare they live happily while loser-kun doesn't) get what they "deserve"
– netorare… well, shit, for Netorare I still have to find why this is happening, lol


It sells extremely well in Japan on monthly magazines.
NTR is just a cockhold male fantasy, it can be taken in three perspectives by the reader, you can A. be the herbivor, having sexual reactions by being cheated, humiliated, used, betrayed etc. B. you position yourself on the cheater side, by this i mean you take pleasure in knowing "you" the character is enjoying cheating on you're spouse or potential love interest. C. finally some people do like NTR because they associate themselves has the ones stealing the main protagonist love interest, this gives them the pleasure of feeling superior, being the one humiliating someone else….

Also why dafuq do so many people fuck up NTR. For a manga to be considered NTR, the "main character" needs to exist has a personality. If the one cheating is the protagonist, it's not NTR, it's just cheating.
Netorare is the glorification of stealing the main character potential/love interest be it male or female, the main character needs to exist has a personality, he/she needs to have some awareness of the situation, usually at the climax of the story (funny enough it's usually from pictures or videos on phones cliche much?) and finally he/she needs to be humiliated in some form.

The best pure NTR example i can give you "SPOILER ALERT" is from "A Peephole" when Tatsuhiko finds Yuri Kotobiki cheating on him while he had a present for her on a special day if i'm not mistaken. That moment even tough you saw it from a mile away has the reader, if you are an emotional person it kinda fucks with you. Oh do consider that this example is more of a seinen manga rather than hentai but it still applies.


Netorare is another word for Cuckold. It's porn for people with Cuckolding fetish.
Some people get turned on by whips, chains, and physical pain. Here, you get aroused by mental anguish.

That's what RM does, erotic cuckold stories for people with that specific fetish, when your girl’s cheating turns you on.
Plus he really loves slutty girls and NTR type A.


Primal hominid domination fantasy, it’s pure unadulterated id.


ntr is definitely not my thing. not judging who's into it.
but i love all RM stuff for the gaping plump asses, ahegaos and whatnot.
i have to skip almost all the text though. yea. a bit sensitive…


i dont hate the ntr!i read it sometimes too!sissy male…possible because of that female cheats,gets pregnent,divorce,breakups these are possible.however getting mind broken from sex,limitless ecstasy,cant survive without his cock!!!lol this is not even possible.this is nothing but japanese fantasy from their submissive i said i dont hate ntr since its makes the blood boil but limitless stupidity makes me laugh!!!!it doesn't serve the purpose


How do i read this …. is my option only dounloading


The sex is thermonuclear, the art is a chunky mess.