Zero Sum Game Wa Okotowari (“Refuse The Zero Sum Game”) [English], by Akigami Satoru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Sigh. Sex is good and all, but the story was so dumb.

The title’s meaning is unclear. The story doesn’t fucking make sense.
But, hey, there’s happy hardcore groupsex, and quite nice drawings, so let’s shrug, roll our eyes, and call it a day ? :roll: :facepalm:

If you can do it, conclude “whatever”, and enjoy the art, please do. Otherwise, don’t bother yourself and move on to another share, you’ll be disappointed :)
Me, I’m off, even though I reckon this share should please a fairly large number of people, I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it. But, hey, to each his own!
Credits are for Statistically NP and Imari, thanks for the work :jap:

By the same artist, whose name I saw as Akigami Satoru and Nozarashi Satoru (no idea why), I also share Tsukurou! Onaho Ane (197 pictures), Haramasex (213 pictures), Kissa Hitozuma Nikudorei (218 pages), Pleasure Is Being A Whore Forever and Harame Nikubenki (229 pictures).

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Billy Mays
Billy Mays
8 years ago

Only good work so far from this author, is "Tsukurou! Onaho Ane – Turning my Elder-sister into a sex-sleeve".

Everything else has been rather disappointing imo.

8 years ago

Anyone else having troubles with Depositfiles and Uploaded not working correctly?

Oliver AKA The Admin
8 years ago
Reply to  Hezard

DF is giving me crappy dowload speeds since yesterday, is working as always…

What's your issue, more precisely ? :)

8 years ago

I was wondering why the release is a bit weird in the sense that the story feels jilted and then I remembered that this release is the second half of the actual arc. Here's the first half:

Still not gonna change the fact that it's the usual Akigami Satoru but I'm already used to his stuff.

8 years ago
Reply to  azrael0070

Okay jilted isn't the right word but you get the idea.