Makai no Bishu no Tsukurikata (“How the Demon World Makes Superb Wines”) [English], by Urokozuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Do the male devils really love beverages in which male sperm is the main ingredient ?
(I don’t know for you, but, me, I adore starting a description with a “cannot unsee” element :D )

This share has a unique story line: a male human has been chosen for his extraordinary reproductive abilities, and a sexy female devil, a sort of raven woman, is sent to milk him dry. The usual device (a sort of mix of a milking machine and an onahole) won’t work at all, so miss devil resorts to using her body, to her and the human’s great pleasure.
All along, the manga sent us contradicting messages: this is mutually pleasurable and the man jumps on the female devil once he’s free, on the one hand. But on the other hand: this is forced sex disregarding the man’s will, he is given potency drugs and he is simply toyed with by the experienced female devil. But when I thought the bad side won after everything was weighted and balanced, come a sweet ending that left a very good vibe, argh, I loved it! :D ^^;;

Thanks a lot to Khepri, DuatJanitor, Thoth and OPpenheimer, from Justice-Translations, it was definitely and original and worthy read, especially with the woman’s delicate and well drawn body, the hardly even censored art, her nice original costume and her entrancing self-confident smiling eyes :)

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8 years ago

On a side note, I know a guy who once made drinks containing (his own) sperm (he works for Vice and it was part of a story he was writing). He and his girlfriend both drank it.

8 years ago

Well, … THAT was IN-teresting.

6 years ago

Damn harpies are always draining a man of his vital essence.

These days they use lawyers.