Yoru Ga Akenai (“There Is No Dawn”) chapters 0-4 [English, 130 pictures], by Harusawa

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

The best unit to gauge this manga is the FPM, AKA "facepalms per minute"

Apparently, women are fucking dumb, and for them, deeply enjoying sex is a disgrace, an humiliation, a reason to bow and submit forever. Wow :shock: I could hardly imagine something more Japanese, and the manga is definitely drawn by a man :roll:
Moving on. Ugly magical cats bestow upon humans the power to fight evil or, on the opposite, corrupt through sex innocent non-evil humans. Let us add some plot twists, some unsolved (yet ?) mysteries, and then introduce a magical girl, corrupt her, introduce the following magical girls who’ll want to save the previous one, corrupt them again, and so on.

I’m not a good target for stories like that, but I’m confident that will please a number of you guys, cool like that. Me, rather, I will loudly praise the VERY GOOD drawings. Sometimes very low censorship, beautiful faces when innocent, troubling faces when perverted (they were, yeah, compelling :3), very well drawn bodies… My brain said no, my dick said yes :lol:
Thanks a lot to Saha and Crêpe for this pack :)

By the same artist, I also share Hachigatu Kanojo Wa uso Wo Tsuku (219 pictures.)

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8 years ago

For those interested the series is over, and the ending is typical of this kind of story.

8 years ago

Same author as Hachigatsu Kanojo?
Moving on…