Succubus Stayed Life volume 2 [English], by Sasamori Tomoe

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Calm down, she's cosplaying, we still have, yet, to watch her in succubus form.

Here is the sequel to Succubus Stayed Life, that I shared five months ago, in which, once again, a girl who looks like the perfectly natural schoolgirl (meaning: big tits, long hair, glasses, looking composed and nerdy while she is actually a total cock addict… the norm, right ? :D ), is having great sex with her boyfriend on a very frequent basis.
There are some changes, the boyfriend starts resenting that there are only so few feelings involved in their relationship (he’ll still empty his balls in the girl as soon as they have a chance), and he starts attracting the attention of other girls (a classmate blowing him in the bus and pretending she’s also a succubus), and a braided megane visiting him at home….

Graphically, this is good. There are black censorship bars, “only” that, and it would be easy to fall for a voluptuous horny girl like that who’s welcoming your dick at any time of the day ^^;;
Thanks a lot to Von, Palaxius, SandwichChef, Nozonozo and Axalon, from Facedesk! :jap:

By the same artist, under the pen names Sasamori Tomoe and Nanimoshinai, I also share Houkago No Yuutousei (216 pictures), Succubus Stayed Life 1, Hakka and Kokka.

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8 years ago

did you see the eyes on that girl on the bus? i don't think she was pretending

8 years ago

Wait, what … if the afterword is correct, his classmate and childhood friend is NOT a succubus. Darn – so much for a harem of succubi (unless there’s a way to “convert” her, and only if she’s willing to go through with that).

Notwithstanding, this was … wait for it … MAGNIFIQUE! :*

8 years ago
Reply to  MHM

"unless there's a way to "convert" her, and only if she's willing to go through with that"
Have her play Fuckbuddy Collection :3

8 years ago

I just wanted to offer a different theory regarding the 'childhood friend' scene. Yes, he was on a bus, but I think it was a dream, and it was actually the succubus blowing him during that point. The fact that she's wiping her mouth with a napkin after he is awoken seems proof enough to me.