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Imitation Family chapter 1 [English], by Tohzai

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I saved the image as "onii-chan-in-deep-trouble-lol.jpg": I think that name speaks for itself ^^

A late share, I had forgotten about that one after an initial recommendation by MHM (thank you!), sorry ^^
Back to hentai: it’s best to take a step back. Essentially, this is a stepsister story, a father remarries, the stepsister is smoking hot and very clingy, and then, bam, sex. But… well… What kept me giggling is that the girl, clearly, doesn’t have everything it takes to make a mentally balanced individual, it’s not yandere but it is “disturbing”, and the male hero ended up wondering if he should feel worried…
Huhu, when the sequel comes translated (if it ever does), I’ll be sure to share the rest with you guys :)

Graphically, Tohzai = very finely drawn hentai, quite realistic, with great care to every little detail, to the point we easily bear with the whiteout censorship!
Thanks to CovertOpBoobs and LazarusLP, from Lazarus-H! :)

–Update: the post is now obsolete. Follow that link! :)

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Well he came inside her so now he's screwed. And she does seem to be a French fry short of a full happy meal:p


As long as the "yandere" or "you so psycho" switch doesn't get flipped, "Protag-kun" should be fine. So far, I've not come across work by Tohzai that goes in that direction.