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Harpy Saimin Choukyou Keitai chapters 1-2 [English], by Yokoyama Naoki

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A huge WTF, but, boy, that girl was HOT

Hypnotism, this time. An idols company’s president uses a phone app that instantly make girls obey his orders without realizing this isn’t their own free will. Sexual orders naturally, and of the simplest nature, it’s normal and obvious to fuck him good. Chapter 1: three girls (warning, one of them, supposedly of age, looks like a loli), chapter 2: one girl (supposedly of german lineage.)
Positive side: at least, we don’t have factual mindbreak, the girls don’t tell themselves they’ve fallen, are not “broken” (as in: the usage of force to destroy something within them), they’re not even humiliated or treated like cattle.
Negative side: hypnotism for sex is still fucking ugly, no way around it :lol:

Scenario aside, the art is REALLY good, and hardly even censored, a little half-transparent bar here and there.
The chapter 1 was so-so, for the story, the art and the translation (packed with poor grammar and whatnot). But the chapter 2 shines, a good translation, a worthy plot twist and awesome art, HNNNNG!
Credits are for Naxusnl (chapter 1) and sailor1980 who commissioned Desudesu for it (chapter 2), thank you! :jap:

–Update: excellent news, this post has become obsolete! This share is now part of a complete hentai manga, called “Siren – Kyousei Saimin Keitai“.
To get it, please follow that link :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
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I'm getting the same message.


If you're interested, chapter 3 is out @ desudesu's, Oliver.