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Fake [English], by Sanagi Torajirou

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Concinving as fuck :D :roll:
Let’s gape in awe at this scenaristic jewel (*cough*): a morally strict girl (yes, from a morals public committee) loses all memory because of an impact to the head, and the person watching over her as she wakes up, alone in the infirmary, is the school’s #1 scumbag, a fatass who had, by chance, a stock of photos in which he shopped his face and her face on porn actors doing their job. And the girl’s, basically, “oh well, if he’s saying so and he’s got visual evidence, why wouldn’t I let him superfuck me.”

There’s a netorare/netori dose in the end, besides, as the pure boy with which the girl was growing intimate catches them in the deed.
At this point, either you know you WANT it, or you’ve already decided to skip on this share, both options are cool, I’m confident my description served its purpose of helping you choose ;)

–Update: good news, this post has become obsolete!
This share is now available within Netorare Kataomoi :)

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I guess that loser didn't think what would happen if she got her memory back. He was already exposed for fake pictures so blackmail wouldn't be as effective.


Is a damn shame that all of Sanagi's works are either mindbreak or NTR, because he draws some excellent sex scenes and very arousing girls.


AAAAAAANNNNDDDDDDDDDD it ends before the guy runs up and punches the bastard in the face, classic. Super shit.