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Hameai Pink [English], by Sugaishi

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Two cute teen waitresses compete for the attention of their handsome male manager. Eventually, they’ll have a great threesome in the changing room.
– waitress #1 is a shy, petite pettanko (no boobs), with charming manners and just enough courage to lift her skirt for her manager
– waitress #2, today’s winner, has normal sized boobs, a daring cheerful personality, is the proactive type, and mimics nekomimi manners for the fun of it, in the end she’ll even receive cat ears and a cat tail buttplug :twisted:

Graphically, this is SPLENDID! The faces, the bodies, the thin girls, the teasing, the daring, finding a girl you thought was reserved had actually plenty of sluttiness to share… I really enjoyed this read ^_^
I owe a whole lot of thanks to Nandeyanen, Peppermint and Patamon, from Flatopia :)

For more Sugaishi / Maniac Street hentai, please see this Redirection page

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Such a sluts.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Nope, man, nope. They kept their dignity and preserved their appearance towards other people.

Slutty only in private with the man they love, that doesn't make them sluts. Ask Mizuryu Kei for sluts, instead :D


Here’s another one from The Tit Translation Project! I bet my hat that you’ll love rhis one, the art in particular is godlike. Enjoy!


Seen it a while back:

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Stalker Fairy
Stalker Fairy

Oliver does have a fondness for that artist:

Fever aka Netsubyou is my personal fav

Oliver AKA The Admin

A "fondness" is an understatement, lol. Thank you ^^


Oww nice hentai :D


Could anyone help me with the name of a manga that was shared here a while ago, it is based on brother sister incest. The sister, since when they were young, gives her little brother head and continued to do so as a daily thing for years. I believe in one scene they have a hole that is made in the wall separating their rooms and they are having glory hole style sex when the mother walks in to her daughters room in which time the daughter wrapped hersslf up in a blanket and stayed put while her brother fucks her during their conversation… Any help would be appreciated, I had thought Fellatio was in the title but cant seem to find it.


Two Sisters Fela Pure – Futari Shitei ha Fera Pyua ?


*Two Siblings, not Sisters …damn autocorrect