Imitation Family chapter 2 [English], + the chapters 1-2 in another Zip file, by Tohzai

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

In the first chapter of Imitation Family, we had “pure win” hentai, a stepsister resolutely going after her new stepbrother, until they became lovers. No real blood ties, no problem with the delicious feeling of still breaking a bit a taboo, a hottie sister with Tohzai’s great drawing style, excellent in all regards (save the whiteout censorship, lol, ok).

… And then came the chapter 2 :(
With images really too small (in native 1200 px we miss a lot of visual details) and in inferior quality, and with a storyline going from glorious to unpleasantly sour, with a stepmother cheating on her new husband and the son fantasizing hard at stealing his father’s woman and having a better dick than him. Maybe that’s because I’m a father myself, but a setup like that kills my boner faster than netorare stories.
Fuck, why waste good things like that, Tohzai, seriously ? :wall:

–Update: the post is obsolete. Follow this link :)

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love this series :p


To paraphrase the words of a song from the 70's: "One Bad Chapter Don't Spoil The Whole Tank, Oliver-san". I trust Tohzai to redeem himself many time over later on.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, let's hope so.

*knocks wood to bring chance and make it a single-chapter fail only*
*ouch my dick*