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Two Hunters [English], by Okumoto Yuuta

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Heh, what a poor highschool boy we have here! He’s trapped! Between the popular PE female teacher and the kind caring Japanese teacher, there’s no escape! When their masks fall, they’re just a pair of turbosluts who won’t let go!
Someone, save him, who’ll volunteer to take his place ? :D :lol:

I’ll try to stop giggling for a minute, just to tell it’s no femdom, just women being in charge all along, allright, it’s a nice threesome with a bit of humour in the dialogues, there you are, I hope you’ll enjoy it, and thanks to whoever released it! ^^

–Update: good news, this share is obsolete! This hentai is now part of ChichiKoi, an a-we-some hentai manga, that you can find HERE, enjoy! ^_^

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I'm okay with this.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Who wouldn't xD


Volunteering the "Death by Snu-Snu" tag, since it looks like (unless he gets some sort of "power-up") Protag-kun (lucky or unlucky bastard) may not last much longer. :o

Oliver AKA The Admin

No, I still won't add this tag, as it doesn't provide any information about what the heck may be inside the post xD


I wish more of Okumoto Yuuta got translated. Easily one of my favorite artist due to the type of bodies that they always seem to do in the stories.