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Mama Shotaimu At Home Hen [English, 156 Pictures] by Pink-Noise and a Repack of the Complete Series [English, 685 Pictures]

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Hey Troops! DeltaOblivion here withe the final Mama Shotaimu Hen Chapter and a direct sequel to Mama Shotaimu Christmas Hen: Mama Shotaimu At Home Hen. Unlike the previous shares this one is by far the shortest but is still a cute one as it shows the daily life of Shizue and her son Shun; from day in and day out ever since their union after Christmas. And with this all 4 Mama Shotaimu Hen Chapters are translated and I’m posting a complete repack of the entire thing. Of course if you only want this chapter, there’s a separate set of links. Many thanks to amoskandy for his hard work in bringing these stories to us. Enjoy!

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Mama Shotaimu Christmas Hen

Mama Shotaimu At Home Hen

Mama Shotaimu Manatsu No Pool Hen

Mama Shotaimu Tropical Hen

24.35 MB, 156 Pictures

Mama Shotaimu At Home Hen: Mirror #1   Mirror #2   Mirror #3

219 MB, 830 Pictures

Mama Shotaimu Hen Complete Pack

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