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Sisters Typhoon [English], by Hamao

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I should dislike the story, but, damn, the art was great :twisted:
Ahem. The story: the younger of three sisters brings the boy she likes at home, they’re not officially going out… yet. As soon as the younger sister is out to buy cake, CHAAAAAARGE!, the two older sisters jump the boy, whip out his dick, ignore his earnest protests and clearly stated refusals, and sex begins. The boy eventually it and continues willingly afterwards, but that won’t change the ugly beginning.

As for the art, AWESOME, those two hot sisters, self-confident, two voracious sexual predators, with nice bodies, well drawn genitalia not fully covered by the rare enough censorship bars… yum! :shock:

Credits are for Hentai2Read and, who commissioned Cedr777 from Triple Seven Scans, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Ticket To Ride, Shirotsumekusa No Koibumi, Candy Drop, Ookami-san To Hitsuji-san, Satisfaction, Lilith, Love Peak (re-edited version), Sunshine Next Door, and A Kiss on The Scarlet Rose.
Save for Ticket To Ride and Shirotsumekusa No Koibumi, those works are also available as a huge pack.

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IMHO, godly art can't compensate for this lame scenario – maybe if there's a continuation where "IT'S PAYBACK TIME!" for them "spoiled brat" onee-sans, I'll consider it.


The sequel should be the reverse: boy brings girl to his house where he introduces her to big dick onii-san and then conveniently goes to the convenient store……