Haha X Gibo (“Mother VS Stepmother”) [English, 120 pictures, Uncensored], by Hagiwara Yutarou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments

We start with a classical harem buildup, a young man lusts after his stepmother… and then some Alien teleports us to WTF-land.
First, Here comes the real mother for the first time in ten years (‘sup!), to check up on her son’s dick. Next, comes the 12 years older sister (or cousin ?), same deal. Next, the stepmother schlicks while watching. Next, the real mother becomes her yuri lover. Next, everyone with everyone. Next – yes, there’s a fucking next, fortunately that was the end of it!! -, time to learn about fisting :shock:

At least I’ll mention the drawings, they’re fully uncensored, and they’ve got a nice feeling, a decent-looking male hero, good-looking older women too, a tiny bit plump, with OK faces. It was worth the sight :)
Thanks to Amoskandy for this release! :jap:

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