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Nana-san [English], by Labui

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Nice pic, eh ? Now ask yourself what her back must look like… Hehe, too late, you can’t unsee it!!

This is an old and tried hentai recipe, that still works to this day, let’s make the main female character a totally oblivious girl, a klutz, and, naturally, bless her with a sexy body. Here, it’s a girl working all day without realizing her work uniform had shrunk two or three sizes at some point, feeling embarrassed, and moving on to having sex with her boyfriend after work.
As I say in such cases, hey, why not ^^

Overall, I had mixed but mostly positive feelings about the manga. My willing suspension of disbelieve was tried a bit too hard (first the uniform, then the boyfriend not being a sex hound and needing the girl to assault him ?!?), but the girl’s body made up for it. However, nothing could make up for the huge whiteout censorship (AKA: “nobody’s gonna hit the zip download links, with reason, the online pictures gallery will suffice this time” ^_^)
Credits are for Tech, Shoku, Liger, Axalon and Inkblot, from The Phoenix Syndicate, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Junai Memory (194 pictures), Nyotaika Shite Hyoui Sarete Kokuhatsu Suru and Nyotaika Shite Bunny Girl Ni Naru.

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I don't think I've ever encountered the klutz type of girl, has anyone?


I got a large queue of "To Download" stuff. THIS gets added to it. Of course, some items if they show up, get D/L'ed instantly – otherwise, all in good time.


Rapidgator doesn't have the file…

Oliver AKA The Admin

Woah, that was fast O_o


Force fucked by a lightsaber dick.