Ha Na Hitozuma – Yoridori Furin Mansion (“Married Woman – Yoridori Apartment House Of Adultery”) [English, 167 pictures, Uncensored], by Akihiko

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Oh well, those were 167 easy to read pages :D Save a lame two-chapters arc in which a son fucks his mother and aunt, the rest of the manga is focused on an easygoing male hero of highschool age, who will gently oblige women who want to experience sexual relief, enjoy his massive cock, or simply feel like a woman again (because, of course, Japan oblige, their husbands are impotent or treat them like furniture.)
So there we are, with lots of women looking like they’re 30, with huge breasts and abundant pubic hair (shaved armpits, thank Heavens), having carefree casual sex. Mutual respect and care, and it stops at that. Oh, also: it’s fully UNCENSORED! :kickass:

I won’t call it a masterpiece, but it was pleasant enough, as a 167 pages fap’n’go piece, as long as the drawing style suits your tastes, why not, go for it :)
The manga was released by Amoskandy, thank you very much for all this work, I’m grateful :jap:
By the same artist, I also share H Na Rakuen Bishou Koukan Nikki (167 pictures.)

By the same artist, I also share H Na Onegai (177 pictures, Uncensored) and H Na Rakuen Bishou Koukan Nikki (167 pictures).

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