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Dual Shock [English], by Okumoto Yuuta

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Two extremely hot sisters, busty, with adorable hourglass-shaped slightly plump figures, make the boy they like, and who is annoyingly indecisive about making one of them his girlfriend, their shared property. Nice preamble, for an awesome threesome ^____^

The translation is bad (R.I.P. grammar), and there are semi-transparent regular censorship bars, but I believe those minor defects are bearable, in light of how great the drawings were, full of energy, and of awesomesauce :twisted:
I’d still have liked to be able to express gratitude properly, I wonder who released this share. “Thanks to whoever is behind this release!”, as i say in such cases!

By the same artist, I also share Koizome Marking (246 pictures), ChichiKoi (224 pictures), Wakaranai Yo Kurogawa-san, Onee-chan No Oshigoto, Lesson For Me, Princess Training, Horoyoi Cherry-Pick, Double Lesson, Fortune Lovers, Sweet March and Moody Home Teacher.

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Thx Oliver , this artist and his works are one of the best I v seen. I am always up for the sisters scenario .)


Hmmm, … NOW I'll have to modify my collection via creating a folder containing all translated works to date by Okumoto-san, instead of grouping them with "one-shots" – to do later.


Moral of the Story: Be indecisive, so you can get both girls

Oliver AKA The Admin

While, in the real world, it's "be indecisive, so that you don't get any girl and life almost not metaphorically spits on you".

Mind you, sometimes, being decisive still ends the same way, but at least, it improves the chances :D