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Imouto No Iiwake (“Sister’s Excuse”) [English], by Aoki Kanji

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This manga started in a realistic way: a hot body doesn’t help when there’s a bad personality. But one page later, bam, goodby realism, we’re back into hentai, the girl who’s rejected because of her lack of tact goes back to her backup solution, her brother’s cock ^^;;
Long story short, you have a tsundere sister, mutual love awkwardly told and denied at the same time on both sides, lots of annoying thick black rectangles censorship, and well drawn sex. Deal with it! :D

Thanks to Drag00noid, Fallere279 and Shizukuxii for this release! :jap:

(For MORE, please see the list of Aoki Kanji’s works on Hentairules :) )

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its aoki kanji, no complains here! thanks Oliver for the share, and thanks Drag00noid, Fallere279 and Shizukuxii for this release!


Along with (IIRC) and in no specific order) Yuzuki N Dash, Arsenal and Akari Tsutsumi, Aoki Kanji qualifies as a GOD OF WINCEST. :*

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As much incest hentai there is, I wonder how many family members are getting it on in Japan?


Because Consanguinity is the only way to fight the declining birthrate!

Ask the Hapsburg how well it worked for them XD

Oliver AKA The Admin

At first, I didn't realize that was sarcasm, I got scared for a moment :D

As for incest, I don't know… Are cousins included ? If yes, I don't remember where I read it, but I think it's a relatively common occurence in Japanese society.

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Cousins marrying is common throughout Asia, parts of Africa, parts of South America, and even Europe. Genetically, there isn't any bigger chance for a health problem to arise from cousins.

Hell, a recent study found that first generation children born of direct family incest(Siblings/Parent-Child) are not any more likely to have problems. The problems come from multiple generations of incest babies.

Like what happened to all the European royalty, lol


True, an american study showed that direct incest (i.e: straight up familly members of a given bloodline) has a 50% chance of either eliminating genetic flaws found in the bloodline (think astygmatism) and a 50% chance to exacerbate those flaws (going full blind instead of shortsightedness)

It's probably why serial incestuous procreation can lead to very grave genetic degenerescence

Oliver AKA The Admin

That would mean occasional cousin incest breeding is good, then ?

Once here and there, means the kids won't make it to adult age in conditions making them convincing breeding partners if they belong to the 50% exacerbated group.

So, unless the children also marry their cousins, we've got an efficient way of improving the gene pool O_o


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