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Acupuncture Mystery Selection [English], by Otochichi

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A busy haughty female manager feels tired from working, so she visits an acupunctor. That guy is talented, she really feels better. End of the normal world scheme, hentai begins: that guy is so talented he can give women irresistible wanting for dick.

Things could have ended at a good old humping, however the artist Otochichi poured in his (her ?) own style, and the woman quickly became a “female pig”, you know the idea, glad with being a sow and stuff like that. I can’t say I dig that choice, but I’ll at least commend the drawings, they were packing quite a punch in terms of erotic intensity.
Thanks to the LWB team for this release! Namely here: Maipantsu, JJustJ, Axalon and BoggyB, good job! =)

–Update: good news, this post has become obsolete.
You may now find this share inside the Gamandekinai Mesuana complete manga :)

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Sigh.. The artwork was good at least (though the acupuncturist was a little weird looking.) It's always the same stereo type: a female boss must secretly want to be dominated and degraded. It would have been more funny if after all that she said "Sorry I'm not satisfied, thanks for the freebie." and left.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, THAT would have made for an awesome, much more satisfying ending :D


I actually didn't mind the ending. Left it open enough to think that there might be more to come. Which I like this enough that I wouldn't mind more.

This should have bothered me a few years ago, but the more I dive into the world of hentai, the more thick-skinned I've become. I fear what kind of person I may become in a few more years! (>.<)

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga

That's one thick needle.

Oliver AKA The Admin


Comment of the day :D

General Hentai
General Hentai

Well, not crazy about the whole "pig" BS. This could've been worse, as she's still able to go on with her life, and actually seems better for it. So, the loss of sexual repression is a good end, but there's this weird parallel to Victorian porn, where women often were raped to "liberate" their sexuality (nice girls don't do that sort of thing, but since she's been forced against her will, it's okay that she then enjoys it, having lost her virginity), which is weird, considering we're in the 21st century. Note how the woman who enjoys her sexuality to the fullest is a slut, a pig, while the man who is doing the exact same thing, isn't considered so degraded. Which is BULLSHIT!! And further proof, as if we needed it, why Japanese men rank so low as lovers in polling based on nationalities.