Torogao Ni Kawaru Made [English], by Chiyou Yoyuchi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

I’m used to emotional rollercoasters with this artist, so I’m glad to announce it here, this time we’re on the safe side of hentai, where no Oliver becomes mad and starts to swear. Here, we have a busty highschooler, who forgot how to expression emotions on her face, and asks a male classmate for help. He will start with pleasure-related emotions, strange, isn’t it ? ;)
OK, I think it’s pretty obvious the girl was interested in the boy, but the fact she forgot how to express emotions looks true, this added an unusually pleasant quirk to my reading, to watch her face gradually manage to express the emotions of lust, of wanting, of pleasure :)

Thanks to Cgrascal for this release! ^_^

By Chiyou / Chiyo Yoyuchi, also known as Junkie, I also share Atama No Naka wa Itsumo Hiwai Mousouchuu (196 pictures),  Midare Hajimeta Karada (204 pictures), Sukidakara Shichauno (184 pictures and Uncensored!), Seifuku No Oku No Kimochi Ii Toko (205 pictures), Rinkan Gakuen ~ Haibokusha-tachi Wa Midaremau (210 pictures, I fucking HATED that one), Shokore – Gakuen Kaidan HenShokore – Lingerie Shop Hen, and Capsella.

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8 years ago

IN-teresting how on Page 18, that Protag-kun calling the girl a "slutty bitch" might have been the key factor that "flipped her switch". Cute one, nonetheless.

8 years ago

Very nice!!!:p