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Ima Kimi Ni Koi Shiteru [English], by Hinasaki Yo

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A respectable-looking female student council president (hairband, thighhighs, that calm look of someone always being a step ahead of the game) toys a bit with the feelings of the boy who (he thinks) secretly likes her and that she also (he had no clue) liked, and then, naturally, it’s time for sex :D

We have a very pleasant mix of comedy and of hentai, haha, I liked how the male MC didn’t see anything coming, or coped with his female partner’s fetish on man-glasses ^___^
Graphically, The thick grey bar censorship is less of a slaughter than the usual censorships nowadays, but it’s still a bother at times. Welp, still a very nice read, if only for the funny moments, go on, try to read it, and enjoy! =)

Release credits are for a kind Anonymous and to Happiestmerchant, from Happy Merchants, whom he commissioned. Thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Made In China Girl, Nogusa No Uta, Otodoke My Heart and Maternity Freaks Dekichaimashita.

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Uh, … was that a deliberate keystroke ("mang-lasses" rather than "man-glasses"), or was it a little typo on thy part? And BTW, the story wasn't bad either – a glasses fetish on the part of the female protagonist is fine, too.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Typo of mine.

What could have that meant, otherwise, I fail to see this, man ? I feel like I'm left out of a potentially good joke :D


Man, that cover page caught my attention… it's like he stick his head into her vagina…

Oliver AKA The Admin


now I cannot unsee it



Hello, Is any body in there?;)