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Hitozuma Yukie (“Housewife Yukie”) – Nodogoshi Etsuraku En [English, 187 pictures], by Chuuka Naruto

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This is Chuuka Naruto, so you know what to expect, right ? Sexy woman manipuled by ridiculously gifted old farts using weird but oddly highly efficient schemes, and becoming their mindbroken sex pets.

There is very little censorship, while, on the contrary, this time, I would have welcome massive whiteout censorship – but on the face and bodies of the old farts. I can’t comment more than that on the scenario: reading the manga in detail was above my strength, I simply quick-browsed it.
As for the rest, I don’t want to waste any more time than necessary on a Chuuka Naruto manga share, so enjoy your sexy women, enjoy the noodles (yes: noodles), and thanks to Saha and SL-Gundam for this release, me, I’m off!

By the same artist, I also share Shoushouruten (189 pictures), Seitokaichou Mitsuki (190 pictures), Gichichi ~Yuriko~, Wedge Of Lust (181 pictures), Harai No Reika (Exorcist Reika) (190 pictures), Slavery Contract (174 pictures), Female Teacher Kyouko (191 pictures), Woman Investigator Training Link (185 pictures) and Adoptive Father (182 pictures).

Oh, just a thing: as I said, I didn’t bother to read this manga in detail, I didn’t want to end up fucking pissed off. So, please, if it happens that I missed something important to mention in the description, or there are tags that I should add to this please, just let me know, and I’ll add it, thank you :)

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I would almost add tentacle to the tag list, the way the old geezer uses udon noodles……

Oliver AKA The Admin

Still, NOT tentacles. WTF and disgusting, but not tentacles though :D


Here i thought you were done with Chuuka Naruto…


All but the rapidgator link are dead


Damn , and bodies of those milf’s are so good drawn – WHY author spoil picture of tasty curvaceous women by adding some creepy old mutant to the mix ..!?