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Toaru Kanojo No Status [English], by Mozuya Murasaki

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Haha, I liked the idea upon which the story was built, a man waking up with real world eroge powers, especially: a status screen allowing him to know the weak points of the woman he fancies ^^
Quickly, this new skill allows him to have sex, and a cute ending filled with human warmth brings a pleasant close…. That was simple, and yet, very agreable, I felt :)
Thanks to Jhenier13  for this release! :)

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This was translated by a person named jhenier13 for the E-Hentai Galleries community. Here is a quote from them:

“I will start with the warning, i’m NOT a native english speaker so this is going to have mistakes and maybe hurts your eyes XD.

This is literally my first time translating and editing manga so i welcome any observations and suggestions.”

The translation does have flaws, but several people have responded for his request for help and suggestions with positive feedback and offers to do proofreading, help with grammar, etc. I hope that jhenier13 will keep at it, we can always use another translator in the community.


True – the English (or rather, Engrish) sometimes hurts, but just like “Pure Bitch Club”, it’s a very commendable effort for a first-time translator – and the vanilla factor is “over Nine Thousand”. Perhaps in time there’ll be a re-edited version (just like “Pure Bitch Club” got one) xD


Hello admin can you upoad here Fuusen Club works and Garden 1 & 2 by Midori Rape?


What do we have here? Another cheat code hentai, how lovely! :)


I had this dream once, I did what he did, I’m in prison now. Can you send some chips to me in prison? Put it out to Bobo the Boob Banger.