Kasshoku Senshi Wa Shiri De Naku [English], by Ichinose (circle R.E.C)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments

The scenario is retarded and goes a route I dislike (a strong capable woman is drugged to be unable to resist hentai rape with eventual mindbreak as part of a human slaves trade), however, on the other hand, the drawings are hot as fuck, only a little censored, and the heroine is really hot, with fair hair, large breasts, and nice tanned, dark skin.
Maybe that’s something you might like, we’ll see, shall we :)

Thanks to whoever has released it!
Update: I’ve been making some misunderstandings about mangaka names, so, thanks to Anony-Mouse, I’m writing a precision. The mangaka who created this work is called Ichinose, and belongs to the circle R.E.C. And it must NOT be confused with another person, Ichinose Land, from circle Ichinose.

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