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Love Handy Phone [English, 217 pictures], by Minority

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I’m sharing that one thanks to a kind Anonymous visitor who sent it to me by email, I had missed it at the time of its release. So, dear person whose name I cannot tell, THANK YOU! :)

OK, so, what’s Love Handy Phone about ? Short arcs, and single chapters. In which couples are made, and love grows. Don’t take it granted as vanilla (shall we way: untainted love with beautiful moving circumstances), honestly this isn’t really it. The couples are either formed in kinky non-romantic circumstances, or the women are stolen away from boys who weren’t good for their partner (this would qualify it as netori, there’s even one netorare chapter.) I’d say there’s only one exception, a single tsundere vanilla chapter.

The drawings are very out of the usual (I don’t find the proper words to caracterize them, sorry), but not bad either. There’s very little censorship. The women are, for half of them, busty meaty girls, and for the other half, petite pettankos. Save a few pages with anal, it’s typical oral, paizuri and vaginal sex.
Saha and SL-Gundam are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Negative Kanako Sensei (209 pictures) and Junai Orgasm (237 pictures).

Inb4 someone asks: I know the mangaka, Minority, has made another manga. But that other one, I deemed it mostly loli, and it didn’t interest me. If you really want to get it, I’ll let you search the internet for “Cleopatra & I”.

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huh….i swear i have this one like 5 years ago (i think)….

yep, found it… but thx, anyway tho


Yeah this is one of my all time favorites but it really is quite old. The translation is from 2008 or so.


This aint new!i have this one from like 3 yrs ago!but i liked it!taking younger brothers girlfriend!!lol


Another new artist to be added in my list :D

Thanks Oliver-san!!!


Hey, found my old comment :D

Sanks again Oliver-san!


The sex is good, the outfits are ridiculous and atrocious.