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Onaho To Tsukumogami Onaho (“The Goddess of Onaholes, Onaho!”) [English], by Chinbotsu

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Shit, those legs... She'd give Chun-Li a run for her money

Would you remember Tropical Banana Girl, the splendid full manga by Chinbotsu ? It featured an onahole who, instilled with so much of her female futanari owner, japan-magically becomes a living being, able to take human form but not forgetting its original mission. That was how Onaho was born.
Well, Onaho returns, plump, horny and ready! Same deal! :D

While I would like to cheer loudly, I must warn you, you’ll be disappointed, the censorship has gone very, very, abominably bad. Shit, it’s as bad as the censorship in JAVĀ  :wall: :gfy:
Still, well, thanks to the person(s) who scanlated it, in the name of the futa fans.

Edit: Dynellen told it in a comment, Chinbotsu has a Patreon page! :shock!

By Chinbotsu, I also share Tropical Banana Girl (201 pictures), a pack of 5 works, some of them now appear to have been belonging to the Tropical Banana Girl volume.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

Download the Free Hentai Manga in a Zip file
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The censorship on hentai works is really getting out of hand. What happened? The whole thing was a lot more reasonable just a few years ago.

Anyways, thank you so much for the share. I simply love futa and Chinbotsu is by far one of the most talented artist in the business. I espacilly love his work because he draws some very big and well-filled futas (and even some very muscular ones) that really stand out in the sea of delicate and thin girls.


Japanese police raided Core Magazine\’s Comic Megastore and several editors went to prison. As such, everyone got scared and started censoring everything so they don\’t get buttraped next.


You can also directly support Chinbotsu on patreon.


I wasn’t going to fap today. Then I saw this. Thanks for the futa-tastic share, Oliver!

John D.
John D.

So this is kind of a “remake” of the original story featured in Tropical Banana Girl? From what I can tell, it looks like the same characters, but with a different scenes and the art has been updated.