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The Lady Next Door chapter 1 [English], by Tonnosuke

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What a pleasant fantasy, that the ladylike, kind and good-looking female neighbor might be actually a TOTAL SLUT, right ? ^^
I’ll refrain from elaborating too much, and simply comment on the good drawings, the reasonable amount of censorship (just a bit, not getting in the way of our pleasure), and with you a good time reading it! ^_^

Still… Another reason I loved this share… I love this moment when you feel liberated because you’ve stopped pretending to be civilized, and things get sexual for the first time between you and your partner. More than usually, this manga reminded me of this feeling of relief =)

This has been released by Axalon, Dudeman, MrWayne and CellTF, from TheLostLight, thank you! :jap:

By Tonnosuke, I also share Osanajimi To Diet, Cow Cow Sister and Katase Kachou wa Mazo doRei (“Chief Katase, the Masochistic Slave”).

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Not the type of double penetration I am use to, hue.

use to either the gang hentai-rape, the virgin eater, etc.


This happened too fast…


While I would have appreciated a more developed story too it still says chapter 1, hopefully the author will continue the story and develop the characters and surroundings more in the next chapters.

Thanks for the share Oliver and to the team from TheLostLight.


Fantasy ? In my experience your good looking neighbor is a kinky little gal , and if you are not a total moron it can be quite fun.


Chapter 1 of the tankoubon “Aibenki Tonari no Dosukebe Onee-san”. Apparently there are two more chapters in this story arc to come.


Wow, that was really good. But I am deeply disappointed you did not use the middle image on page 8, the one where the lady says “You want to fuck, don’t you?”
Because bloody heck, that seductive, sidelong glance is seriously hot.