Mama Wa Omitooshi [English], by Qdou Kei

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Sounded confusing
Errrr… Where would that locate her brain and/or pussy ?

I’m impressed. I believed we would be in for shota, as the story starts with a kid discovering about sex after accidentally seeing his mother masturbate. But, nope, the mother was patient enough to wait for the boy to reach highschool! :shock:
That said, what was bound to happen, happened. After a near-GNAP moment, the son enjoys the sex initiated by his mom.

Those of you who have no idea what I mean with this “GNAP”, come on, tell me, haven’t you read, at an age you were still pure and innocent, The Black Smurfs ? Me, that comic left me a super strong impression, that felt like my first zombie story, with the survivors desperately struggling against a contagious disease turning its victims into agressive predators, brrr.

… Erm. Losing sight of the topic. Credits are for Fated Circle, thank you and enjoy!

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Haha No Himegoto (“Mother’s Secret”), Kaa-chan To Nee-chan Ga Hidoin Da Yo (“My Mom And Big Sister Are Cruel”), Kaa-san No Ijou Na Aijou chapters 1-2 (“Mom’s Abnormal Affection”), and Okaa-san To Issho.

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Billy Mays
Billy Mays
8 years ago

Pretty sure this artist also did “Mom’s Abnormal Affection”. A good wincest mother/son doujin if anyone’s interested.

8 years ago

“Errrr… Where would that locate her brain and/or pussy?”

Obviously she means that the shock waves are strong enough to reach all the way from her pussy to her brain… even though that probably should have liquefied a lot of organs in the way.

8 years ago

Another yummy mommy story.