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Abstinence Club chapters 1-5 [English, 103 pictures, the series is now COMPLETE! \o/ ], by Michiking

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Let's unplug our brains and enjoy the awesomely drawn hentai, allright ? :D

Cool news, guys, CellTF informed me that Abstinence Club was finally complete, ENJOY!! :twisted:

Yes: «abstinence». The story starts with a very busty girl, unhappy because of ambient lewdness. She gratefully accepts the help of her favorite male teacher: think of vaccination, he will gradually make her used to lewd actions, until she stops feeling embarrassed in class. More girls join later, same deal, till the end.
That teacher has a real talent with words, almost newspeak level, truth becomes lies, lies become truth, eventually everything happens because the girls are inner sluts and he is their Liberator. I hardly exaggerate.

The drawings look like art by Hisasi : AWESOME as fuck.
The scenario counts as happy sex, an odd composite of domination and (can it even exist ?) soft and gradual mindbreak/hypnosis of sorts :shock:

Credits are for our dear CellTF who commissioned it from Zeroblade and Seele000 from PlanetHima (chapter 1) and from Biribiri and Axalon (the rest), thank you so much, guys! ^_^

–Update: excellent news, this post has become obsolete.
You will now find it inside the complete tank, Seikatsu Shuukan :)

Hentai logic.

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THIS IS ABSTINENCE?” If so, I’m not sure I want to picture its opposite.

‘Twas cute and all, but Personally not sure whether to class “Sensei” as:

comment image


comment image


I have mixed feelings about this story. The art is simply top notch and as mindbreak/corruption goes, is pretty subdued and “harmless”. But on the other hand that trope of “that lesbian just needed to know a REAL MAN” it really grinds my gears.

Anyways, thanks for the share Oliver.


Just in time for Lent. lol.

pyrolobus fumarii
pyrolobus fumarii

“Yes: «abstinence». The story starts with a very busty girl, unhappy because of ambient lewdness..” you mean abstinence lewdness, not?


Chapters 1 to 5 of “Seikatsu Shuukan”.
Chapters 6 to 9 “Ane Taiken Shuukan – Namaiki Imouto-tachi to One Shota Ecchi!?” have also been translated. ( &
Chapter 10 does not appear to have been translated yet.
Additionally, Ane Taiken Shuukan SP, representing an 8 page bonus chapter, has also been translated (


Now waiting for the continuation of “The Older Sister Experience For A Week”.
IIRC, ch2&ch3 already translated out there.

Michiking is surely my KING.
Long Live The King!